Ben Lundgren

Leon's eldest brother and sibling, the heir to the Lundgren forturne, father of 2 and devoted husband.


A hard worker
Ben is a tough farmer with a cool temper. He’s got a friendly smile but a mean work ethic. Ben’s a good father, caring husband and loyal friend. Being diligent pays off for his compatriots, being that he’ll always give himself time to help others in need. Ben is well liked in the community and even his siblings don’t seem too unhappy to see him inherit the Lundgren farm.


Ben is Leon’s oldest brother and eldest sibling. He is the son of Toby Lundgren and Anne Lundgren. Ben is the hair to the Lundgren farm and estate. His father was rather tough on Ben ever since he was a kid, knowing that one day he’d have to manage the farm and take care of the Lundgren’s. Toby is a great farmer and hence he has great expectations for his son, especially since he’s named after Toby’s father who of course taught him everything he knows about farming.

Ben is married to Lara and together they have 2 boys, Toby and Leon. Their younger boy, Leon, is actually named after his mother’s father. Ben is the only one to have fond living memories of his grandfather Leon, so in honor of his memory he named his younger son Leon. And despite all the hardship that Ben’s father has put him through, he still wanted to name his eldest son Toby. Ben was angry in his youth about how Toby treated him but now he understands that what he was teaching was valuable and honorable, now Ben has nothing but respect and gratitude for what his father did. Also, Ben wanted to name his son Toby to keep the name going within the family, since his brother Toby dosn’t seem to be likely to have anything but bastards.

When Angelina fell into the ice as a small girl, almost drowning, Ben rushed to the village getting help.

Lara dosn’t have strong family ties herself, so being introduced to the Lundgren’s was a bit of a shock to her. The last thing on her mind was to name her children after her parents or relatives but after getting to know the Lundgren’s and becoming part of their family Lara loves that her boys have such wonderful people to be named after. Lara’s been nothing but welcome ever since she and Ben met and even before they got married the Lundgren’s considered her one of their own.

When it came time to evacuate Seawell Ben was among the last ones on board the ship. He kept helping others get their belongings and persons on the ship, his benevolent nature in action. Ben was 25 at the time, Lara 21, their son Toby was 4 and Leon 2.

Appears in:
The Pilot
A New World part 1
A New World part 2
Journey to Andahad
Death from Beyond
The Moth(er)
A Siân Dawn

Ben Lundgren

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