Knight of King Arthur's round table, a man with impeccable morals and the King's conscience.


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Sir Bedivere is King Arthur’s most loyal and devoted knight. Some have even called him his conscience. It is rumored that Arthur does not make a decision without Bedivere’s input. How they came to be so close is not certain, but he was one of the first knight to rally behind Arthur.

Also there is known that not much love and respect is between Bedivere and Percivale but the two try to avoid as much friction as possible.

He accepts Excalibur from Arthur upon his retirement but the sword declines him, to Arthur’s dismay. The sword then declines one knight after the other until it finds it’s way again to Angelina.

During the council of Malaghant’s imminent declaration of war, Bedivere tries to solve that matter. He assures Patrick he has his back, but expresses disappointment with the situation.

Apprears in:
Brother to Brother
The Beginning of the End


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