Athena Williams

From fire you came, with fire you´ll live and fire will show you the truth of all things.


Half-Elf Cleric of Sarenrae lvl 11

Alignment: NG

Abilities Saves Combat
Str 14 ( +2 ) Fort 8 HP 92 Speed 20
Dex 15 ( +2 ) Ref 6 AC 26 CMB 10
Con 13 ( +1 ) Will 14 Touch 13 CMD 22
Int 16 ( +3 ) Flat footed 25 BAB 8
Wis 22 ( +6 )
Cha 19 ( +4 )
Weapon Attack bonus Damage Critical Type Range Ammunition
Schimitar +2 16/11 1d6+4 18-20 x2 S NA NA
Light crossbow masterwork 7 1d8 19-20 x2 P 80 20
Dagger 9 1d4 19-20 x2 P 10 1

Full Platemail Bonus: +9 Check Penalty: -6 Weight: 50lbs Speed: 20’
Heavy Steel Shield Bonus: +2 Check Penalty: -2 Weight: 15lbs Speed: 30’
Ring of Protection Bonus: Enhancement +2
Ring of The Father Bonus: Natural Armor +2

lvl #^1 DC
0 4 16
1 6 17
2 6 18
3 5 19
4 4 20
5 3 21
6 2 22
7 0 23
8 0 24
9 0 25
1 1 domain spell/lvl

Appraise 8
Craft Weapons & Armour 16
Handle Animal 14
Heal 25
Arcana 8
Religion 9
Perception 12
Scribe 10
Ride 7
Sense Motive 6
Spellcraft 16


Skill Focus Heal 3 bonus on one skill (6 at 10 ranks) Point Blank Shot +1 attack and damage on targets within 30 feet Precise Shot No penalty for shooting into melee Improved Shield Bash Keep your shield bonus when shield bashing Selective Channeling Choose whom to affect with channel energy Rabid Reload Reload light crossbow as free action Mystic Healer Adds 3D6 to all heals Combat Casting +4 to defensive casting

DM Feats

Favored of the Companions +1/1pr day on any roll that can be described as a “good deed”. Intuitive Strike substitute wis mod for str mod when attacking

Special Abilities

Healing domain
Rebuke Death (sp) Heal 1d4+3. Use 8 times a day. Healer’s Blessing (Su) At 6th level, all of your cure spells are treated as if they were empowered.
Fire domain
Fire Bolt (Sp) You can target any single foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. 1d6+5 points of fire damage. Fire Resistance (Ex) 6th level, you gain resist fire 10.
Cleric abilities
Channel Energy Heal/Harm 6d6 30 foot radius. DC 19. 7 times a Day Spontaneous Casting Can swich a arepared Spell to a Cure at same lev. Orisons Can prepare a number of 0 lvl spells that are not expended when cast.
Other abilities
Gift of faith +2 save on fear and Dispair. Darkvision 120 Feet.


Lightweight _ A -4 penalty when making or resisting bull rushes, grapples, overruns, or trip attacks. Gain no attack bonus when charge, but suffers the -2 Armor Class penalty and take double damage from weapons set against charges._

Night Blindness cut natural Low-Light vision range in half

Code of Arms -4 attack penalty on attack rolls made against an enemy not armed with a melee weapon

Inattentive -4 penalty on all Listen, Search, Sense Motive, and Spot checks.Always caught flat-footed in the first round of any combat that he does not initiate himself

Magical Items

Schimitar +2
Ring of Protection +2
Ring of the Father
Perihab of Poison
Cloak of Resistance +1

Athena daugter of Irena Williams and a elfen ranger was raised by her grandfarther Joshua Williams and grandmother Clair Williams after her mothers tragic death at childbirth. With a hard youth of being made fun of and pesterd becaus of being different she has a kind and open hart full of love for the unvanted and different. She was allways coming home with stray and hurt animals. From there it was o turning back from the healers life. At the age of 11 Athena was given the task of taking care of baby Angelina to help out the single father and warrior Alexander Castle. As the time passed the roles turnd Angelina started protecting the much picked on Athena from bullys. Athena was allways wery skinny and extreamly light weigt and was that contributed to her elven heritage. Most girls and allmost all the boys had no problem pushing her around and even for her strenght in spirit she whuld have broken if not for Angelina. Now her faith and teachings of her grandfather guide most of her moves in every day lifa as in combat. She is honerable and strong and is eqall with her Scimitar and her Light Crossbow. In combat she prefers to help her friends with healing and boosts, but she can do here shere of harm if nead be. Her most prised possesion is a ring she has on her right ring finger. Its a signet ring that belonged to her father and it is marked with a maple leaf floting on a river on its inside. Her joy was profond but silend and stoic when she was reunided with it.
On the trip to Camelot while riding up Avalon she and Patrick Hobbstarted spending time to gather. At first it was to kill the lonesome feeling of losing the ring and also the sudden need for someone´s affection. They decided to keep it a secret. Then when she got the ring again from Merlin who is also Garland Tarn she stayed away for a few days. But soon started to miss his touch. The hardest part was to not show her affection in the open. And so it went. In Camelot they had to take a test from the knights in which they all passed. And the test cannot be spoken off to anyone. But after passing they where knighted. It was strange to get the honor of being a knight and stranger still to feel the fear from the people all around her. This is a thing that is still heavy on her mind. Why is the radiance of evil only when using her power? But still they all want her help when they need it. As for the time when Esclabor was killed she figured out a way to revive him. They were all thankful to her but suspicious to her power. Then came the queen´s illness and put a pause on her research to why her spells project Evil. Then came the big fight with the Spider God Atlach-Nacha where Dinadan and Lionel are turned into stone and Feirefiz is slain. When trying to revive Feirefiz she notices that there is no soul there to contact. He is completely and utterly gone. Covering up her shock she lies to her companions that he is not willing to return but wishes to stay where he is. When she gets the opportunity she slips away and heads to the forge where she drowns out her pain and sorrow with the banging of her hammer on steel.

Athena Williams

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