Cooking for a living these days, Ash is taking a break from annihilating undead hordes.



The heroes met Ashley Crow, Ash for short, on a ship commanded by Captain Reynolds while on their way to Celephais. Ash was the cook on the ship, telling tall tales of his many battles against undeads and the like. The heroes were never certain whether or not to take these tails seriously, despite the storyline of the boasting constantly changing upon it being retold. I mean, after all…it’s Ash.

After the journey to Celephais, Ash takes control of the ship, stranding Reynolds and Simpson in Celephais.

Years later, his ship suffers much damage at sea. Luckily he finds port and imagine his surprise as he bumps into the Pc’s and Reynolds, who assumes command of this without missing a beat.

Upon arriving at Kaar, Ash bids adieu to the Captain and sets off to fight undead’s once and again.

Appears in:
Across the Sea
An Unwarm Welcome
Tale of Two cities
The Artist
Into the Lion’s Den
The Beginning of the End


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