Alexander Castle

Angelina's father, leader of Seawell, moved the heroes to Noden's mirrorverse after first asking Noden to create it.


Alexander was a stern but fair man, a true leader and a fierce warrior. His demeanor was that of constant worry and determination, his body tense and unrelenting.

He is Angelina’s father, and along with Joshua Williams and Hawk formed the council that shaped, protected and governed Seawell. His role was that of a sheriff or marshal, protecting the town from within and making most of the tough choises. He also trained the young to defend themselves, none harder then his daughter and Leon Lundgren.

Died at the shores of Oriab.


In The Pilot Alexander is worried that the Weller’s (who took care of the lighthouse) had not arrived at the town’s fair. He dispatched Leon, Angelina, Athena and Patrick, who had just returned from Jaren to seek out what happened. After hearing from Raven that the undead horde was approaching, he was startled and had the look of a man who dreaded the moment. He ordered the people to the ship and headed out to sea.

A New World part 2 he is found on the beach with a debris from the ship through his gut. He is buried and remembered by all the town people.

A New World part 1: He drilled Angelina and Leon to perfection in martial combat. Angelina sensed he favoured Leon, because he was always tougher with her, not comforting her when she fell. Later he reveals he pushes her because no man would like to be bested by a woman, so when they found out she could fight, they would fight harder.
A New World part 2: When arriving to Seawell with infant Angelina, he assigns Athena the job of nursing his daughter.
Journey to Andahad: Alexander, at one time, compliments Leon, claiming him to be his best pupil, leaving Leon to believe he should one day replace Alexander.
The Quest to the Unknown City: Alexander sees Leon after the fight with the Orcs. He tells him that from now, he will train him with an axe, instead of sword and shield.
The Glass Ballerina: Alexander has a debate with his brother on how Angelina should be raised. Thomas implies that she should be raised as a lady, not as a boy warrior.
Farewell to Arms: Alexander chews out on Leon for his wrath and “evil” intentions as Leon mercilessly lays down on a local boy in a training fight.
Showdown: Alexander raises a great pole in the town centre, provoking his pupils to climb it. When they cannot he pulls out two stone with a rope attached to it, calling them “conscience” and “sense”, instructing them they must reach the top with the two stones. Angelina figures it out with a little help.
Brother to Brother: An old friend visits Alexander, bringing a gift for Angelina. Alexander welcomes him with brotherly affection, asking about his journey with great concern.
Into the Deep: Alexander stops Angelina from beating up a boy; Angelina claims he should show her respect. Alexander teaches her how he earns the respect of others, “Humility comes before Honour”.
The Accused: Alexander stops a quarrel between an exotic looking woman and Toby Lundgren at a fair. He sends the woman off, she blows him a kiss farewell.
A Siân Dawn: Alexander wake her daughter up on her 4th birthday before dawn and walk with her over the mountain and to a small bay on the other side. They watch a spectacular sunrise over two peaks out at sea and he tells her the story of Siân who was born on the island where the peaks are.
He comes in the nick of time to save his daughter from hyperthermia when she falls through the ice on a lake – till the day he died he knew not how she was able to get out of the water by herself.
Defiance: Carl Harold Hobb comes to Alexander telling him he will not train Patrick in martial fighting as that reduces Patrick’s longing to work. After trying to convince Carl otherwise, Alexander agrees out of respect for the farmer.
The slaying of the Monster: Alexander walks in on an attempted rape on Athena, and after a few words with the assailant he promptly executes him.
Two for the Road: Alexander greets his brother Thomas and a stranger when they arrive together to Seawell.
True at first light: A hawk assaults Joshua Williams but Alexander stays his hand, and his brother’s, upon attacking the bird. The bird leads them to Irena giving birth to her daughter, Athena.
Meet Ed Bloom: Alexander burst in on a man trying to rape and beat Nellie. After dispatching the man, he confronts Nellie asking her to seize this promiscuous behaviour as it is drawing bad ilk to their town. Nellie angers at Alexander, accusing him of lovelessness toward his daughter, not knowing what love is and never experienced the warmth of love. Silently, Alexander leaves.

Alexander is one of the Outsiders. Alexander was approached my a man when he and the Outsiders resided in Seawell-Avalon. That man said that the heroes, who were merely children at that point in time, were in grave danger. He said that the heroes would grow up to cause the Gods great trouble and that if they stayed here they would surely perish. Alexander convinced the other parents to relocate their children and made a deal with Noden. He got Noden to make a mirror world, a world that would mirror the one they were leaving. Thus the heroes found themselves growing up in Seawell.

He’s Angelina’s father and the leader of Seawell. He taught Angelina, Leon and any other inhabitants of Seawell that were eager, to fight. Not only how to fight but how to be true warriors and tacticians and that brains would trump brawn any day of the week. When the heroes arrived in Oriab they were shocked to find that Alexander had died in the sea wreck.

Malaghant views Alexander as one of his best friends and tells everyone that Alexander taught him how to fight. Malaghant also frequently tells grand tales of Alexander, keeping him alive through tales of past glory.

Malaghant gives to Angelina a shield he claimed belonged to Alexander. The shield had a head of a wolf embedded in it, an emblem of Castle.

Trivia: Whether it’s Lord of the Rings or Equilibrium a movie just isn’t legendary unless Sean Bean dies in it!

Appears in:
The Pilot
A New World part 1
A New World part 2
Journey to Andahad
The Quest to the Unknown City
The Glass Ballerina
Farewell to Arms
Brother to Brother
Into the Deep
The Accused
A Siân Dawn
The slaying of the Monster
Two for the Road
True at first light
Meet Ed Bloom

Alexander Castle

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