Alain Uskinglass

"So, me and my friend were thinking about going into space..."


Number of kills : 95.248 (according to Phoenix)

Human Sorcerer,

Elemental bloodline

Outwards appearance : Young man of remarkable physical appearance.

Armor : A mithrill vambrace and shoulderguard on his right arm with a carved feather motiv, and a brace on the left with matching pattern.

Weapons : A specialty dagger (courtesy of Athena), shortsword and a sling, slightly used. Outbursts into high voltage destruction

Drawbacks :

Breeds posessivness: NPC’s encountering Alain must make a saving throw, or risk becoming obsessed with him, and wishing to ‘posess him’ due to his alarmingly appealing looks. This may come out as endless need to earn his respect, hide him away from the world to save him ‘grief’, murder him and keep the body or downright lust.

Curious: A little Granger-Danger on our hands, ladies and gents.


Full name : Alain Uskinglass

Class/lvl : Sorcerer/16

Born (where and when) : Seawell, on March the 5th

Age: 21

Family known: Nellie Uskinglass (Mother)

History: Born under the social taboo of being an unmarried girl’s son, Alain’s childhood was mostly marked by scorn and mockery, indifference at the best. Raised by his mother, a waitress at the local inn, Alain kept mostly to himself and out of the way of others, though that seemed to fail quite many times. To most villagers he is an unknown number, not accepted at social gatherings and after his coming of age, mostly left alone. After landing himself in the New World, Alain, though puzzled about the reason, was branded with the Chosen, and left with the group to the city. On the way back to the village he for the first time outwardly used his abilities, and has been steadily becoming more at ease with his identity since.
Alain resided in Riinar under the alias of Tubalov, as the son of his ‘father’, but his mirror had disappered long back. He stayed there for little over half a year as an assistant to Jezz Torrent, the newly elected mayor, and rebuilt the church of Lillith in the city. After Riimar’s fall, he took to travelling alongside his friend and co-worker Robert Parks, where he then later reunited with the chosen in the kingdom of Avalon. The person he belived to be Parks turned out to be a master assassin under glamour, and little later Alain turned his back on his former assumed identity of Tubalov and continued his travels with the Chosen who were now Knights of Camelot’s round table.
Later, returning to Oriab, Alain not only ended up facing the fact that most of his works and deeds for the last year were of little worth, as they realized that truth behind the death of Young Lord Tubalov and the spells surrounding the city of Rimar. That, along with the loss of his mother and growing power, made a deep imprint on him and added to his confusion about himself and his origins.
Around similar time, as Alain took himself to be somewhat aimless in the world with little other reason for existance other then to safeguard his travelling companions with his given powers, he was given the book ‘A Manifest Destiny’, but the book is a written account of a traditional learned magus looking at a scorcerer coming to power. The book, he later found out, were Patrick Hobb’s own thought about Alains developement. This lead him to slowly start to experiment with magic not bound to his original comfort zone, the air. Shortly after he came to self-enlightenment with the help of the entity known as Renton, or Ed Bloom, opening his eyes not only about his past and the origins of his abilities but about his possible future as well.Since that moment Alain has gained much calm and furthered his understanding of himself, his mind and moods, and last but not least, his powers and connection to the element of Air.
Alain took a decicive a turn after his enlightenment in a personal quest to be a better man, and started that journey by trying to both be more positive, kinder and unafraid to right his wrongs. This has been going fairly well. Recently he faced a prophercy that he disliked immensly, and shortly after he trashed the Grand Hall of Mirrors, hoping that the curse connected with that would target him alone and leave his companions in peace. He privately belives that the prediction he saw is a result of said curse, and has thus decided to try all in his power to avert this.
Alain just recently was sentanced to stand trial by combat against the princess Alecto, much to his terror as he had never helt a sword in more then jest before. He remained the victor though, and continued his journey towards the kingdom of Skai. After siding with the rebel leader Valjean, along with the other chosen, Alain left for battle where Valjeans men with the help of the Avalonians won the day. At similar time Alain started is somewhat romantic involvement with the lady Donatra of Skai. Shortly after, the chosen headed for the city of Nuur, where they sook the advise of the oracle who resided there. From this visit, Alain learned a part of his fathers identity and background, as well as about the part he will play as the symbol of the end within the group of chosen. After Patrick’s and Athena’s wedding, Alain left with the group back to Camelot, where he then was knighted. Shortly after he headed out witha chosen group to cross the wall and travel through the undead lands, in search for the three artifacts as fortold.
This journey is still in progress.

Overall description : Fairly tall, of undeniable beauty, Alain has slightly grown out blond hair and bluish grey eyes. Lately they have taken a slightly more bright, vibrant colour and the irises have expanded somewhat, though this is barely noticable. His facial features are remarkably handsome, the sort that one cannot truly state what makes him as handsome as he is, it’s more of some strange co-creation of lines and form. He has of late made the change from a youngster to a man, filling out slightly, and a stubble is getting more common on his face as he cannot be bothered with daily shaving it seems, but it suits him. Alain dresses in black worstead slacks and black lambskin kneeboots, most often in a blue or white laced-up neckline shirt and with a belt. He wears a dark blue cape hanging from his left shoulder fastened with a round silver medallion in the form of a simple knot. He carries a mithrill brace on his left forearm, and a matching one on his right, that is actually a full vambrace, on his upper arm and ending in a small shoulderguard. This armor is carved with slight motif of feather design. He carries a anguistralobe medallion around his neck on a silver chain, and on it as well hangs a woman’s gold posyring. Another silver chain, thinner, can be seen around his neck, but the necklace itself is hidden under his shirt. On his belt is a finely crafted dagger, that has been given the name Misericordia, that has been peacebound to its sheath with a red ribbon.

Distinguishing marks : Small tattoo of a triangle with a horizontal line through the top inside a omega on the underside of his right wrist. He has the sentance ‘Let Truth Try All’ written in tiny letters on the underside of his left index finger.

Overall personality : He was quite quiet and shy, somewhat reserved and untrusting is the initial approach, though prone to sudden changes and unforeseen openness if rubbed the right way. He still can appear cold and uncaring, though that armor if defense is often quite easily broken, as he is by nature a helpful person, though he is used to not receiving any help in turn. Kindness from others then his very closests used to offbalance him slightly and he reacted with slight puzzlement or embarassment, though he has over the last two years become much more at ease and adapted to the open, good natured companionship of others. He has an open, playful side though it’s mostly reserved for those close to him. His demeanor is at his lowest times marked by his upbringing as the lowest in the social pecking order, though this faded mostly after his self-enlightenment and growing self-esteem. This is slowly opening the way for his true character to surface, a more headstrong, collected individual with a strong set of moral rules.
Alain suffers from a gloriously bad case of ‘Foot-in-mouth’ disease, both in a humorous and serious way, and he tends to react either with apathy or anger if he is in his reserved moods. Overall he is a good guy, who takes commitment and friendship seriously, though still he seems to see it in a one sided way, beliving he needs to show support while not expecting others to pay in kind. He is somewhat akward with words but does his best, in privacy, to make his feelings on subjects known, with varying results, due to aforebementioned foot-in-mouth disease. He is however, given the current conditions, strangely optimistic, perhaps due ot he fact that he cannot imagine things getting much worse than they already are, and thus takes to his mother’s old advise, to kill it with personal positivity.

Greatest strength: Deep rooted form of loyality to those he has decided to keep safe, and his utter and perfect sense of self-sacrifice where those people are concerned.

Greatest flaw: Alain is prone to moodyness due to thinking, and overanalizing. His companions have however shown his reserved moments great privacy and he is very thankful for that. He also seems to have slight issures with personal space, and sometimes fails miserably in reading others, even those close to him. He is also developing a rather annoying habit of goofing around at serious moments…

Fears: To be worthless or a failure.

Hobbies and small pleasures: Alain enjoys reading, and is fairly nimble with his fingers. He’s also a great cook, and enjoys cooking quite a lot.

Future plans: Become more stubborn than Angie. Burn down castle Perilous. Found a football team to compede against Phoenix’s football team…

In all honesty, Al? About the others? :

Angelina : “She’s jaded a bit. I think it’s allright, given the situation. it’s good to know she still blushes if you say ‘naughty’ words like ‘sex’ in front of her.”

Athena: “It’s great she has her dad now. I think it’s fantastic for her to get to know one parent atleast…and you know..all that. she deserves some real happiness.”

Leon : “The best front-agressor I know, and steady as a rock. A little insane, but then, we all are.”

Patrick: “I…well. He seems to be fine. Right?”

Phoenix: “One day, when we’re old…we’ll still cause trouble for shits and giggles, I bet.”

Serbitar: “…I have no idea. It’s been, what? Near a year?”


  • Alain is left handed
  • The name Alain is a french variant of Elwyn, meaning light or fair. It is also related to the germanic word Adal or ‘noble’.
  • Alain has a fair voice, but can barely carry a tune in a bucket.
  • Alain doesn’t like dogs. Infact, he’d feel perfectly okay about never meeting a dog again. Ever.
  • Alain would like to have kids. Tons of them.
  • As a kid, Alain used to play dragonhunters a the inn, with his mother as the princess and Derek as the dragon.
  • Alain’s favorite book as a child was a variation of ‘The Treasure Island’
  • The first thing Alain learned to make in the kitchen was hot chocolate. This caused Derek later to have to hide all the chocolate or put it high enough for the kid not to get to it or it would all be used and drunk up in a single day.
  • Alain knows all the 20 stanzas of the ballad ‘Lady of Shalott’
  • Nellie once said to her son that she wanted to name him Leofrick after a knight in a romantic poem, but Derek had laughed so hard that she’d snapped at him to find a better name himself. Derek chose Alain, after his brother. It stuck.

Alain Uskinglass

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