A knight of King Arthur's.


Rugged and handsome, but grey-eyed and cunning.


The PC’s meet up with Agravain in Camelot in The Once and future. Later is revealed he is the youngest son of Lot, his three brothers all knights. Oldest is Gawain, the second oldest is Gareth and the youngest to Agravain is Gaheris.

When comparing his sons to attributes of his character, Lot described Agravain to Raven in Brother to Brother as “my cunningness but also my vile nature”.

He then disembarks on a mission to Skai in order to convince the king there to join forces against the Undead Horde. With him goes Gaheris. Diplomacy there proved tough as they were accused of supporting the usurper King Valjean against King Javert. Gaheris return immediately, but Agravai persuaded King Javert to see reason, but only just so.

At the council after Malaghant’s imminent declaration of war, Agravain cautions against sending him to Kaar to deal with Malaghant. He feels he is more valuable in Skai, as things have heated up there, and he feels (knows) that a war between Kaar and Avalon will not be sorted out with mass battle, like war between Skai and Avalon would.

Appears in:
The Once and future
Brother to Brother
Warrior’s Honour
The Beginning of the End


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