Abdul Al-Hazred

A wealthy merchant from Andahad and a city council member


A kind and gentle man, very wealthy and of noted stature.

He rides a zebra horse, dressed in arabic tunic, black hear and dark eyes. Quite handsome and of mature age.


He meets the PC’s in Journey to Andahad, on the eve of the third day the PC’s stay on the shores. He informs them that he believes them to be The Chosen Ones, spoken of years ago that would arrive during a great storm. He offers them greatings from the town of Andahad and gifts in the form of seeds, tools and other items that would help the people settle in.

He journeys with them to Andahad and sells them zebras. He urges them to continue their journey to Baharna where more can be revealed about the quest as The Chosen Ones.

The PC’s say goodbye to this kind and helping man in Revelations.

Appears in:
Journey to Andahad
Death from Beyond
The Moth(er)

His name is a reference to the author of the Necronomicon in Lovecraft work’s, providing a hint for the influence of Lovecraft in ths campaign.

Abdul Al-Hazred

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