Pathfinder LOST

Two for the Road

Centric: Angelina Castle

Raven emerges from the cellar and sees the house in ruins. City guards are approaching and he realizes that the assassins are not far behind. Athena resurrects Dagonet who regains conscience, to Bors much delight. The heroes rush out of town, Raven suggesting to depart the group, Galahad firmly denying him. When the get out of town, they make a camp at dusk. Torrent is revived after a few quarrels between Angelina Castle, Alain and Galahad. However, when Athena sees the remarks of Galahad and Angelina, she reverses the process, sending Torrent back without the possibility of returning to the world of the living. Patrick recalls a memory from Yuri that Torrent had always been evil, but Yuri had somehow suppressed that when Alain Tupalov was murdered.

Tensions arises between Alain and Angelina, Alain mourning his father figure Torrent, while Angelina mourning the lost of her first love. They both storm out of camp. Galahad starts to follow Angelina, but Dagonet stops him. Alain grows away from the knight, feeling their distrust toward him.

The groups makes their way to Andahad. Stopping to clean themselves in the cold river, Angelina discovers she can endure cold just like Patrick. Raven and Alain head into Andahad while the others head on toward the hemlet of Seawell. Alain goes to see his mother but discovers she passed away few years back. Her body was collected by Thomas Castle and taken to Seawell.

Angelina recalls the arrival of Thomas Castle and a stranger. Thomas introduces his friend as Si├ón, who after a few courteous comments with young Angelina, heads toward the inn. Thomas notices the medallion around Angelina’s neck and excitedly asks her who gave her this. When she informs that a man, a friend of her father, gave her this, Thomas is somewhat disappointed, and ask his brother if she has not shown up. Alexander shakes his head.

A few days later, Thomas and his companion leave.


Malaghant Kalador

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