Pathfinder LOST

The White Stag

Centric: Patrick Hobb

Athena plays saint on the docks, providing free healing and food and water for those how want, mostly refugees arriving from Kaar. She also starts rebuilding the old temple in the town, that once belong to Joshua Williams.
Raven continues to prepare for the dinner that evening at the Morgan’s estate. Dagonet has the worst hangover ever and Bors clearly remembers Raven buying him and Dagonet a beer. Raven knows he did not, and suspects foul play, someone perhaps the same who poisoned the Queen might have tried to kill Dagonet. It is revealed that Kaherdin had been hot on the trail of the assassin, heading to Seawell, Avalon.
Lucan arrives and asks his niece to accompany them to Oriab. He also is invited to the dinner.
Everyone meet in the dinner, and Elizabeth Morgan reveals her intent to come with them to Oriab. Lucan and she hit it off, and Lucan assumes the role of her bodyguard.
Athena and Raven make a deal with Oskilith to maintain both the Morgan estate and the temple, providing him with ample of gold to secure the job.
The PC’s meet up with Captain Robert Ramsey and first mate Arthur Lewis on board the Hope. All set sail except Serbitar who stays behind to meet Kaherdin.

Oenomaus bequests Patrick to go the arms merchant and pick up swords and shields for the new recruits. Once there, Patrick is surprised to see Hawk there, who is purchasing a bow for a shocking sum of 150 gold pieces. Patrick asks where the money comes from, and Hawk replies that he had been collecting from brigands and orcs for quite some time now. He pays the merchants with a large leather purse, marked by a white stag.


Malaghant Kalador

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