Pathfinder LOST

The Taming of the Shrew

Centric: None

Battle with Helena Tupalov. She summons daemons to her aid. Raven and Lucan fortify themselves and Elizabeth Morgan in the cellar, warding off any approaching enemy. Patrick Hobb and Bors fight a huge ice daemon. Galahad and Dagonet battle various teleporting minor daemons. Alain, Angelina and Athena concentrate on Tupalov herself. During the battle, Dagonet falls dead.

Torrent shows up with a dozen city guards, but after changing glances with Helena, she orders him to attack the heroes, which he complies to. Angelina notice evil presence in Torrent. Athena casts a great firewall sending the guards screaming out. Alain blasts a ball of lightning slaying Torrent and Athena makes the final blow on Tupolov. Alain begs Athena to help Torrent, but she declines, rushing to Dagonet’s help.


Malaghant Kalador

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