Pathfinder LOST

The slaying of the Monster

Centric: Athena Williams

Torrent is arresting Galahad for slaying three Shantaks but Galahad asks what kind of lousy excuse of city guards they are for letting these daemons roam the city. Angelina calms Galahad down and persuades him to surrender, only to anger him again when he sees that Torrent and Angelina share something. Torrent is pleased to see both Angelina and Alain and they all agree to meet for a drink after his watch is over.
The Shantak merchant is furious but Angelina persuades him to release Galahad from custody in exchange for a fair compensation, total of 3600 gold pieces. Angelina and Alain cough up most of the sum, promising to pay the rest within one week time. Galahad maintains the dispute with Torrent, telling him that the Shantaks are evil daemons with no right to roam this world and curses the city to endorse selling and breeding of these beasts. He even accuses Torrent of blindly following the law, regardless of what good (or evil) will come of it. Angelina shuts him up and Alain is considerably angry with Galahad.

Raven takes time to fortify and secure Davos mansion and then goes to see Carter. Carter does not recognize him and Raven asks of the bounty on Raven’s head. He then asks Carter if there is a bounty on the head for the rest of the PC’s which Carter does not now of. Raven suggests that it could be, since the ageing process has been tributed to them. Carter embraces the idea. Raven asks as much as he can about Elgyn, but Carter tells little. He reveals that Elgyn just returned from a “private time” a vacation and posted the bounty on Raven when he arrived. He then travelled north to fulfill a contract on “a king in the north”.

Davos sends invites to the PC’s and the rest of the entourage, and then comments on Leon. The PC’s just say that he is not with them and leave it at that.

Alain and Angelina go that evening to meet with Torrent but he cancels the meeeting as he is rushing to see Robert Parks. Alain offers to come with him, but Torrent shuts the idea down as Parks has informed Torrent that the Guild has put a 100 gold piece bounty on all of the PC’s and a 750 gold piece bounty on Raven. He dismisses them back to where they came.

Alain with help from Athena transmute Helena Tupalov back to life. She is weak and he transports here with a litte help from Dagonet back to Davos’ estate.

Athena is coming of age, about 16, when a stranger who is ragged and smells funny enters the church. He begs for sanctuary and Athena complies, approaching him. She feels funny around him, somewhat scared. They exchange names and he asks for water. When she turns her back on him, he jumps her, ripping her clothes off and tries to rape her. She struggles and screams her lungs out. Joshua Williams appears from the back of the church and the rapist startles, bolting for the door. He runs into a surprises Alexander Castle who had heard the screams. Uncharacteristically Alexander asks the rapist for his name, and when he replies Henri, Alexander’s face of puzzlement mixed with recognition gives way to his firm determined face most knew him by. He grabs Henri’s arm and ask Joshua if she is al right. After receiving the yes from Joshua, he takes Henri out and executes him in the forest.


Malaghant Kalador

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