Pathfinder LOST

Strangers in a Strange Land

Centric: Raven

The PC’s arrive at Seawell-Oriab and are greeted by a young boy. When they introduce themselves the boy addresses Angelina as cousin. The PC split up, Angelina goes to meet her uncle and his wife; Athena learns of her grandmother’s death and goes to the cemetery; Raven learns of his father’s murder and the possibility that Hawk was the murderer; Patrick goes to see his father who relentlessly work the fertile earth; Alain visits his mother’s grave.Athena encounters a hawk on her grandmother’s grave and she fosters him.

Thomas reveals that he was not entirely forthcoming when he last met the PC’s. He indeed knows the realm and had stayed here when his brother departed with the children. He encourages the PC’s to travel to Ulthar and tells them that he is friends with King Valjean of Ulthar. When asked of Renton in the The Accursed Valley he knows not of him, but recalls a hermit there by the name of Bloom.

Morra approaches Raven and is very excited. He informs Raven that he has received his first hit – Raven recalls his friend Donnie received his last night. Morra emphases that he is “made” and also points out that he is lucky for his hit is a traitor. He then describes to Raven that those who stand against them and betray them are the worst of the worst, no remorse is required and one should not feel a thing when completing the hit. He then introduces Cyrus, a man who tattoos Raven’s back. When he is done, Morra concludes that the tattoo will ensure no-one would ever cross him and all would show him the respect he deserves. However the tattoo is incomplete, but will be completed when the hit is done, the incomplete tattoo would brand him as a traitor.
Wulfgar then escorts Raven down to the dungeons, Raven notes that Zhen Lei follows them. Before they enter the cell, Wulfgar expresses to Raven that he does not share Morra confidence in Raven, for him he is a loser not capable of executing even a traitor. Raven, very psyched up from Morra’s inspirations, disagrees and enters the cell. The traitor steps out of the shadow’s, calling Raven by his name, revealing himself as Donnie.
Raven is stunned, but Donnie had been hoping it would be him. Donnie explains he know what he had done, but he was proud of it, claiming it as his one good deed. He knew it would cost him his life, and he was thankful it came from someone he knew. Raven hesitated but Donnie grabbed his knife and trusted it into his chest. Raven finished the job.

Feeling rotten, Raven exits the cell. Wulfgar judges him with his look and looks pleased. When they are returning to Cyrus, they meet Grimfang. Grimfang takes a look at his pupil and asks about it. Raven claims he had taken his first life. Grimfang, sternful, replies that he should take note that it was better that it was the other one that died, not him as such was the way of combat. Noticing the expression on Raven face, the truth dawns on Grimfang. He asks Raven if that was not the case. “You killed a man in cold blood?” he screams at Raven and then slaps his face with the back of his hand. “Have you not learned anything I thought you? You don’t got what it takes!”
Grimfang almost enters a rage but Wulfgar and Zhen Lei try to contain him. Raven makes a run for it and heads to the nearest tavern. He never met Cyrus to finish the tattoo and was branded a traitor by the thieves guild until he met his death.


Malaghant Kalador

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