Pathfinder LOST


Centric: Alain Uskinglass

Alain puts Helena Tupalov in his bed back at the Davos mansion and falls a sleep on the chair next to the bed. When he wakes up, it is to her singing (Catch a falling star). He is confused but she is relieved to see her son again. She asks where she is and what has transpired. She does not believe him when he claims not to be her son, believing him to bewitched in some manner.

Alain is a small boy and is going to sleep, while his mother works at the inn. The neighbours dog starts barking, frightening little Alain out of his wits. He tries to exit his home and head for the Inn but the dog, although chained, is outside, blocking his way. Alain hides in a corner, scared, and is that way when his mother comes home to find him.
She comforts him the best she can, singing “Catch a falling star” to calm him, as she always did.


Malaghant Kalador

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