Pathfinder LOST


Centric: Patrick Hobb

The Hope continues her journey on full steam. The PC’s plead withe Captain Robert Ramsey to turn the ship around or at least slow it down so they can retrieve Patrick, but to no avail. Alain goes out looking for him, and true a series of miracles, both of them return about 14 hours later, although closer to death then alive.

Raven finds the necklace, belonging to the Queen lying on the deck, and opens it to find no inscription on it. He returns it to Kaherdin and confronts him on the matter. Kaherdin carelessly told that it would have been uncharacteristic for Elyan to place his name on a gift, but Elgyn could have not known that.

Athena becomes more charismatic and begins to have keener vision in darkness.

Raven and Angelina argue with the Captain about his decision on holding shield over Elgyn. The captain is not at all convinced about Elgyn’s intention on killing them all, even after the fight, and he illustrates the importance of team effort while on the sea. The things that attacked them had not by far been the worst the sea had to offer.

Kaherdin confessed, after a hard search for Serbitar who had not been seen prior to the fight with Elgyn and his lackeys, that he had instructed Serbitar to follow Elgyn and report back to the Hope or to Camelot with the information.

When the Hope landed in Baharna, the PC’s felt a strange feeling of return. Kaherdin left to find a passage back to Camelot. Rhan Jas stayed on the ship heading to Skai while John Fuller and Robert Slater headed into the city looking for adventure. Athena stays on the ship. Galahad, on Raven’s request, goes to buy a Shantaks in the merchant district. Bors heads straight to the next whorehouse to find himself “a chubby little wench”.

Patrick went into disguise and visited the temple. He ran into Ibben whom did not seemed to remember Patrick and Patrick discovered, as did the rest of the PC’s through their visits in Baharna that almost ten years had passed since the heroes had departed to Celephais. People on Oriab had since then started dying of old age and children were born. Life continued. This was mostly contributed to three reasons, first being the discontinue of sacrifices to the god in Mount Ngrana, second being the birth of a child near Andahad and thirdly the departure of the Chosen Ones. Patrick does research on Snid and gains a lot of information, mostly contradictory to one another. Ibben says that rumour has it Snid himself spreads false rumours about himself.

Alain goes to the temple and meets with Idomenea who has aged quite a bit. She does not recognize him at first. Alain checks on the statue of Helena Tupalov and reveals to her that the statue is the high priestess of Lilith. Idomenea wants to transmute her back, the clerics have those powers and is furious she had not heared about this earlier. Alain, wanting to have Athena to do the ceremony, buys time until later that night and then searches for Jezz Torrent.

Raven heads to Philip but is surprised to find Robert Parks has replaces the now deceased Philip. Raven receives the lay of the land, Carter is still one of the top dogs, rumour has it that Elgyn has put a bounty of 750 gold pieces (a fortune) on Raven’s head and that Elgyn has headed north to fulfill a contract on some king – whom Raven presumes is Malaghant. Raven then heads to see Davos and asks for housing. Davos welcomes his old friends and tells Raven that Sylvia married a merchant down in Andahad and they have two wonderful children.

Angelina and Dagonet head into the merchant district to see Anne. She has made a family, married a potter and they have three children, and run a small business of their own. They put a side many annually to buy freedom for a whore, which they teach the craft and send out to the world. Angelina gives them a few hundred gold to help this endeavour, Dagonet confines to Angelina that he is very proud of the decisions they are making. When they leave and are walking through the merchant district, they (and Alain coming from another direction) notice quite a commotion. Serveral city guards, including Torrent, have surrounded Galahad, who has apparently slain three Shantaks.

Patrick, reaching age and has had enough of his father monarch, packs his bags early in the morning. He intended to leave without his father knowledge but when he leaves his room, Carl sits at the table enjoying his tea. His father looks at him, seeing he is all packed. He mocks him for being a quitter, not a real man that sees things through and encourages him to leave – stating that he would return before to long as he realize that he didn’t have what it would take.
Patrick, without saying a word, leaves. That was the last time they spoke – although they saw each other without exchanging words.


Malaghant Kalador

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