Pathfinder LOST


Centric: Athena Williams

Everyone gather on the deck of the Hope except Lucan who protects Lady Morgan down below, at the request of ever concerned Raven. Bors and Galahad are watchful over the sea, countering Kaherdin and Raven’s suspicion of an attack from Elgyn’s lackeys.
When Elgyn arrives, Kaherdin approaches him and introduces himself. Elgyn responds that his reputation proceeds him. Out of the bloom, Kaherdin bursts into laughter and laughs hard for a few moments. He tries to compose himself but burst into another laughter, suggesting to the PC’s that this is an act to unnerve Elgyn, which seems to be working as Elgyn becomes on edge. Then Kaherdin composes himself in a blink of an eye and compliments Elgyn on his jewellery. The PC’s now start looking for something in Elgyn accessories they had not notice before. After a few trivial questions about misc. jewellery Kaherdin points to a necklace informing Elgyn, that the necklace belongs to the Queen and that it had been stolen during her assassination attempt. Captain Robert Ramsey asked for proof of that, to which Kaherdin replied that there was an inscription from Elyan
the Queen’s brother on the inside, which Elgyn had not seen or been too stupid to check, else he would have not wear it.
Ramsey reaches out lightning fast and snatches the necklace. In one swift motion, Elgyn shoots out daggers out of his sleeves and cuts Bors, Ramsey, Kaherdin and Raven, not only causing bleeding wounds on them but also stunning them. Out of the sea swarm dozen of Deep Ones along with a much large being.
Patrick dives into the sea after Elgyn but soon looses him and is left behind as Hope steams ahead faster then he swims.
Athena blasts a positive energy over the wounded and quickly assumes the role of holding life in everyone in this immense battle. Raven and Angelina gang up on the large being and have support from now flying Alain. They beast almost slays Raven who is almost insane from the exposure to the being, but Athena heals him in the nick of time. Raven is slain the second time but Galahad lays is hands on him moments before the being claims Ravens soul, which had made it impossible for Athena (or anyone else for that matter) to raise him.
The battle continues and when Athena dispenses the last of the healing powers, she grabs her sword and charges the being. After two critical strikes from Athena, the being falls dead before her and the deep ones depart.

A stranger is washed upon the beach near Seawell as a boat crashed in the storm which wrecked havoc the previous night. Athena nurtures him to health in three days, and he stays for one week before leaving. He tells he that he should not have arrive via boat, him being afraid of the sea. Athena grew found of the stranger, and always fostered the idea that he had been checking up on her for some unexplained reasons. He had been very enthusiastic about the religion and the pantheon which surprised Athena, as he appeared to know very little about it.


Malaghant Kalador

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