Pathfinder LOST

Crimson Tide

Centric: Serbitar

Serbitar meets up with Kaherdin in Seawell, Avalon. Kaherdin interrogates Serbitar through a pleasant conversation and tells Serbitar that he thinks he knows how the assassin entered Avalon. He then spent two days in Seawell, questioning a great variety of people. Then Serbitar transformed himself into an water elemental form and gave Kaherdin a push on a small boat.
Raven confronted Elgyn. Elgyn informed Raven that he was expecting a public apology for those horrific accusations and was confident that Raven would never succeed in producing any information regarding this matter (partly because the did not exist). Elgyn called Raven a pawn, a boy who was out of his league.
Angelina could not detect any evil in Elgyn and Galahad was receiving no responses using his “sight”.
Discussion about assassins reveals Serbitar’s story of Hawk to his brother and Patrick also contributes his encounter with Hawk in the armoury few years back. Raven reveals to Kaherdin Elgyn’s love for jewellery.
They arrived to the Hope in few days time, arriving around noon on the day which Raven needed to produce evidence of Elgyn. Raven informed Kaherdin of everything he knew but try as they might, they were unable to produce any evidence. Serbitar, taking a guise of a mouse, went into Elgyn’s room and observed him chanting over a silver plate filled with seawater.
Kaherdin questioned all the crew about Captain Robert Ramsey seeking an escape clause. He later informed Raven that the only shot they would get was if Raven would call Elgyn out to accept an apology and there Kaherdin would confront him. Raven obliged and informed Ramsey and Elgyn of his intent – summoning them to a meeting on the deck.

Serbitar, a young man, walks the shores and notices red tide of flowers coming in from the sea. He stumbles upon Hawk gathering things of three corpses. Two are them are ruffians and one appears to be a merchant. Serbitar confronts Hawk, who says that the merchant was an assassin, bearing the mark of them, a white stag. The other two were his helpers but Hawk had quickly dispatched of them. He takes a medallion of the merchant and gives to Serbitar, hoping to buy his silence in this matter.


Malaghant Kalador

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