Pathfinder LOST

A Siân Dawn

Centric: Angelina Castle

Captain Robert Ramsey lays the rules of the journey down for all the passengers. Firstly, all on board are together vs anything outside the boat, the sea is full of dangerous things and if they are to survive, they must work together – no matter who they are or what they do. Secondly, those who fall overboard are left behind, no questions asked, no exceptions. Thirdly, he is judge, jury and executioner on this boat, king and monarch, alpha and the omega.
Out at sea, the PC’s get to know the crew and the passengers on board. Rhan Jas is a merchant on his way to Skai, John Fuller and his friend Robert Slater are would be heroes who are most impressed to meet the knights and finally the reclusive Lady Thelma who mostly keeps to her chamber.
Overly charming and musical Halfdane, the cook, exchanges stories with everyone, favouring the art of storytelling over facts.
The nights are cold and everyone are affected by that cold, except Patrick as usually. Angelina begins to notice that she is also quite resistant to the cold and also notices her keen eyesight in darkness. Her charm also grows as the voyage lengthens.
Galahad and Raven exchange words, and Galahad opens Raven’s eye to that Raven should not life his life in the eyes of others; that his actions should always be what he thinks is right, never to impress others.
The PC’s meet up to tackle some trust issues after Galahad and Alain have a falling out.
Few days out at sea, Raven notices a signet ring on lady Thelma’s finger, and confronts her as Elgyn. After Elgyn drops the act, Raven goes to Ramsey, who is furious, accusing Raven of rocking his boat. He cares not what people did prior to their arrival to his boat, nor what they do after they leave. This in-unity is unacceptable. Raven claims that Elgyn will try to assassinate them before the ship docks and Ramsey gives him until sundown next day to prove his case.
Bors and Dagonet stay guard at Elgyn’s quarters.
Angelina stays with the captain during the night and just before sunrise, Ramsey points to two cliffs out at see, telling her of Siân and that this would in fact be a spectacular sunrise as the sunbeams break on the cliffs. She mutters “Happy Birthday”

Angelina is twelve years old is playing by the lake with her friends. She wants to go out on the ice but Ben Lundgren advises her not to. She goes ahead however and the ice breaks, she falling in unable to get back out of the water. Ben screams and runs back to the village. Cold grabs hold of her and seconds become eternity. Just when she is about to give up someone grabs her by the arm and pulls her out. The man quickly takes her wet clothes off and holds her close to his chest. She sees is face but then looses consciousness. When she wakes up again her father is there and the stranger had left before he came back.

Angelina is five years old, when her father wakes her up, well before sunrise. She follows her father up the mountain and down to a shore next to the forest. He points out to the sea, in the east, to two cliffs (islands) where the sun is about to come up. He tells her of a great warrior called Siân who was born there and grew to do great and good things. He told her, that once a year, evidentially on her birthday, the sun would rise exactly behind the cliff, forming what is now as a Siân dawn. They watch in silence as the sun rises and the wonderful colours that play joyfully in the sky.
She then always went there on her birthday.


Malaghant Kalador

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